COVID 19 Quarantine Blog: Day 11. I’m officially sick.

I posted yesterday about thinking my symptoms were just allergies. I’m certain that’s no longer the case.

Looking back over the last five days, I can see that some of my symptoms were leading to this. Days 1-4, I had diarrhea and stomach upset. I attributed this to being on penicillin for my tooth infection, as we all know antibiotics can mess up intestinal flora. On the same days, I also had severe muscular pain and aches, which I attributed to having fibromyalgia. Day 4 in the evening is when I started having runny nose, scratchy throat, ear pain, and felt tired, like flu was coming on. I just felt off. No fever and only mild, sporadic cough. Seems like a cold or allergies. I almost never run a fever unless I’m really sick, so I didn’t get concerned. Yesterday was day 5 and I started running a fever in the afternoon, with chills. I still have it today, but It hasn’t gotten over 101 so far. I still feel super tired, but all digestive issues have cleared up and muscle pain is gone. I’m still congested and have a headache and slight sore throat, but I’m actually feeling a little better despite the fever being higher today. I contacted my doctor’s office and was told I do not qualify for a COVID-19 test because it’s “only” a low grade fever and “only” a sporadic cough. I was told it was probably just a cold or other respiratory infection and I didn’t need treatment unless I had trouble breathing, which I haven’t.

So, I’m now not venturing farther than my porch, just in case. Husband is fine and older 2 kids are fine, the youngling has a runny nose but no fever and seems otherwise fine. Looks like no public outings for me for at least 2 weeks. I’m not sure what it is, it could be COVID-19, or a mild case of the flu, or any garden variety of rhinovirus. I’m going to do my part and stay home until I am symptom-free.

Febrile and full of snot,


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