Hope for America is NOT in Donald Trump or Joe Biden

First, I have to give credit for the title: it was a statement made in today's service by Pastor Jamie Powell of First Baptist Church of Perry. This is the new church home that God directed me to. I have only attended twice in person, but I faithfully watch the sermons online each week and... Continue Reading →

COVID 19 Quarantine Blog: Day 10

Dear Diary, Last night before bed, my left ear felt full, my nose began to run and my throat felt a little scratchy. So as not to alarm the other prisoners, I waited until everyone had retreated to their cells, then I quietly found the thermometer. I placed it delicately into my mouth and pressed... Continue Reading →

My Crazy Kids

First, let me express how much I love my children. They are mine, I made them, I carried and birthed them, and I care for them 24/7. I would give my life to save theirs, without hesitation. I have bled for them, endured pain and hunger so they wouldn't have to, gone without things so... Continue Reading →

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