1) Jesus and the Children 2)Woe to the Willful Rejecters!

Hello friends! I hope everyone is having a great day so far. I pray that you will be safe, happy and blessed in all you do. Today’s focus is on Jesus and the children. I have seen people who think Jesus was saying that all children would go to Heaven.  I don’t really have an... Continue Reading →

God’s Movie: The Beginning, Our Role, and The End.

I see a lot of people who believe in pre-destination, and who think that every decision we make in life, every path we take, is automatically directed by God. I think it CAN be, but we have to ask Him to reveal His purpose for us. We have to ask for His guidance in decision... Continue Reading →

How Can You Love a God Who…..

One of the biggest questions/objections to belief in God: “How can you love and obey a God who threatens to punish and send you to hell if you don’t behave, and lets people die for no reason?”  Here is how I answer that, in a conversation format. Me: Do you love your parents? Joe Skeptical:... Continue Reading →

Watch Your Mouth, You Hypocrite!

I recently took a break from social media while I was coming out of a severe depressive episode. I found that seeing hate-filled posts, angriness, meanness...it just made me want to join in. It started as a desire to leave FaceBook in a boycott, due to its tendency to censor free speech and conservatives. It... Continue Reading →

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