The Day I Became a Murderer

Yes, the title is shocking, but it is true. Last year, I took a precious life. I have suffered for it every day since, until the day I wrote this blog. That day, I realized that my experience was intended by God for 2 reasons: 1) to show me how we can hurt others with... Continue Reading →

Compassion for Others, Gifted by Grace, and Finding Our Purpose in God

Today's post is chock full of stuff. I had all of these thought about compassion last night, and wanted to write about it. I also felt it necessary to write about my gift of empathy, and how I found my purpose in God. It's a lot of information but it all ties in together, so... Continue Reading →

This is My Confession

Here’s my truth. I’m known for writing about things that may be controversial or “not talked about.” I’m known for my openness about everything. But, over the last few months, it was all a lie. A farce. A show. A mask. It was not real. I went AWOL for a while. The “real” me, at... Continue Reading →

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