God’s Movie: The Beginning, Our Role, and The End.

I see a lot of people who believe in pre-destination, and who think that every decision we make in life, every path we take, is automatically directed by God. I think it CAN be, but we have to ask Him to reveal His purpose for us. We have to ask for His guidance in decision making, ask Him to direct us per His will. When thinking about it from this point of view, we can then understand that God is guiding us. But, we are imperfect, we are still sinners, and we are going to make decisions and do things that are not within His will. People don’t understand this, and they blame God when things go wrong. Don’t do that!  Go back and see where YOU went off track from His course. God would never LEAD us on the wrong course. His direction is perfect, even if it seems crazy to us. It may lead us to places we don’t like, places that aren’t comfortable, but again, these things are His will. He has a purpose in them: to show us something. As Christians we should always be in prayer that our will aligns with His, and that He reveals that to us so we can follow Him in that walk.

I also see a lot of people who wonder why or how God knows what we will choose, knows everything about us, etc.  I really prayed about this recently, and I believe He gave me the answer. God knows no time limits, no boundaries, other than the beginning and the end. Our beginning was in creation of the earth, and our HUMAN end comes with physical death. Our eternal soul will go on, either in Heaven or Hell. God already knows where we will end up. How, though?

The answer is simple to Him but we cannot truly comprehend it. I will try to explain it the best I can, according to my understanding. God has already seen everything happen. He has seen the beginning to the end. For Him, it has already happened, because He is not bound by time. Let’s put it into perspective as a movie….obviously a metaphor for God’s creation.

Our human life is a role in His movie. We are born, we grow up, we experience things, we die. That’s where our part ends (Our soul has no ending because it goes wherever it goes). But, our individual life is just one of many roles in a movie. All lives are a separate role in the grand movie He sees. Our lives interact with others to create a scene in the movie. Human history itself is a compilation of different scenes in the grand movie, made into episodes or chapters.

We are just living in the NOW. God knows everything we do, say, think, because it has already happened for Him. He sees the entire movie of creation, from beginning to end. We are one character, in one scene, in one chapter, of that grand movie. Does that make sense? Maybe an illustration?

So, as you can see….we are just a teeny tiny piece in one scene of His movie. He has already seen the end and gave us a fantastic preview in the book of Revelation. Revelation used to scare the pants off of me, until I learned to see it from God’ point of view: His grand plan for humanity, ends with His triumph over Satan and evil, and puts it away forever.  Then we can move on to eternity, which is not included in that picture, because it has no end.

So, what’s all this about anyway?  It’s about the role we are to play in God’s plan. Remember, He has already seen the end. He saw our birth, our life, our death. He knows when and how it will end for every single one of us, because it has already happened for Him. We just can’t see it because we didn’t create it. He did.  

Therein lies the crux of the matter. We do not know when our end will come. It could be today, it could be a month from now, or when we are lying in our bed at the age of 95.  We don’t know.  So, we have to be ready NOW. Live each day like it is our last, and we will be presented to God at the end of it. Be prepared! Be, every day, the person you want God to meet. Don’t wait until tomorrow because it is not promised that we will get another chance. Walk in His ways, trust in His guidance, resist Satan joyfully because we know he loses in the end anyway. God has already told us that.  We just have to trust Him.


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