Verse of the day & A New Year Resolution/Challenge

This is a great verse, no? Are you searching with all your heart? I never stop searching. I found Him long ago, but I think we should still search every single day! By search, I mean reaching out to learn more…reading the Word….prayer and fellowship…taking time to just thank Him for everything He does for you.

If you find yourself falling behind in your search, join me in making a resolution to be more active. Do a Bible study. There are plenty of free ones online. Go back to church or watch service online. Devote just a little time to the Lord each day, to Him and only Him, in gratitude and love.

My challenge for this next year is to do all of this, and to be more active in blogging. I’m going to do my absolute best to blog at least twice a week. In the past I have always started off strong and then dwindled down as time went on. I’m approaching it differently now, and waiting until guided by the Holy Spirit…so I will pray for that to happen more often, so I can continue to share with others.

Thank you to my faithful followers… I appreciate you and you are a blessing to me. Everyone be safe over these next few days; no drinking and driving!!!


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